Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

Who are your instructors?

They are passionate individuals who boast more than 25 years in the silversmithing industry, having previously run their own brick-and-mortar retail business that specialised in sterling silver and stainless steel. They value the quality and versatility of sterling silver materials, and now hope to make this experience accessible to the community.

Why should I come to your studio?

We pride ourselves on being a studio where all participants can experience silversmithing in a fun and stress-free manner, all without compromising the quality of the finished products.

  • Workshops are designed and furnished with quality in mind
    We've put in extra effort into furnishing our studio so that you will get to enjoy yourselves in a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing environment.

    Each participant will get to craft their rings at an individual workdesk with personalised tools and machinery

  • High Student to Instructor Ratio (1 Pair : 1 Instructor)
    All workshops are capped at 4-6 participants who will be closely guided by our experienced and friendly instructors. Participants will receive our fullest attention at all times.

  • Value-Added Services
    We understand that most (if not all) of our customers are here to celebrate a special day or milestone, so it's super important to us that you get a memorable and unforgettable experience.

    As such, we have added many small touches throughout the duration of your class that enhances your workshop experience. We do not actively promote these things online as they are totally value-added services that we offer to our customers :) 

  • Post-Workshop Services
    You can be rest assured that you will leave our studio with a perfectly-fitted and polished ring. However, in a case where you find that your ring needs to be resized or polished, all you have to do is reach out to us and we will arrange a time for you to drop by. 

How much are your classes?

The prices of our classes are as reflected on the site. What you see is what you will pay, and if there are any other specifications that require topping up (eg. thicker ring bands), it will most definitely be stated as well. 

We believe in transparency with our pricing, so you can be assured that there are zero hidden costs.

For more information, you may refer to this page.

Is there a cat in your studio? I am terrified of cats!
Our cats will not be in the studio during your workshops, not to worry! It would be quite stressful for them due to the loud machinery.
Why can't you reschedule my slot? 
We require 1 week notice for any rescheduling requests as it gives us time to find a replacement. 

We are unable to entertain rescheduling requests made less than 3 days prior to your workshop, as your slots will remain unfilled if you do not show up. It would not be fair for us to offer new slots for you to attend the workshop as a result of your no-show.
Do you accept walk-ins?

No, all appointments are by appointment only. You can secure a slot by making an appointment on our booking system. 

Is there anything I need to bring on the day of my workshop?
Nope, just come in something comfortable and bring a jacket along if you get cold easily. For ladies with long hair, do bring along a hair tie as we will require participants to tie up their hair when using certain machines. 
I am planning to come for a class during my trip to Singapore. How should I make payment?
We're thrilled and honored to be on your itinerary! Please send us a message via WhatsApp for more details about payment options for international customers. 
I have a special design in mind and I am not sure if it's achievable during the workshop.
Please message us prior to your session with more details about your idea, so that we are able to advise if it is possible & prepare the necessary materials.

Post-Workshop & Care Tips

Is it okay to wear my rings while showering and washing hands?
Yes, it is fine it contact soap and water. Our rings are suitable for daily wear, and you can wear them while washing your hands and showering. If your ring gets oily, you may rinse it with soap.

In fact, we encourage our customers to wear their rings all the time as frequently taking your ring off will increase the chance of you losing it. 
My ring doesn't seem to fit well and I only realised after my workshop. Are you able to resize my ring?
Yes, we do provide resizing and alteration services at a cost of $20. This fee only applies to customers who require alteration after leaving our studio. Rest assured that we will ensure you get the best fit for your rings during your classes.
Do you do customs and engraving?

We provide complimentary engraving services for all workshop attendees. 

 As for custom requests, do contact us directly to discuss whether it is achievable.

Do you provide polishing services? My ring has tarnished since my workshop.

Over time, your rings may tarnish from exposure to sunlight and grease. You may purchase a bottle of silver dip online or use a silver polishing cloth to wipe your ring.

If that doesn't work, you may contact us and we can arrange a time for you to drop by our studio for polishing.